Tyler Wilson Sucks!
A Lying Pathetic Self Serving Republican Sleaze Ball
Violating The Lives Of Los Angeles Arts District Artists Since 2009 With No Apologies To Date
"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."
Starring Tyler (the liar) Wilson
as the no conscience little bitch, King Joffery

"Game of Thrones"? NO! "GAME OF WIENERS" King Joffrey... 
clearing the kingdom of all the artists just before he kills his zombie 
bride, turns her into a wurstkuche special sausage and feeds her to
the yuppie hounds who wait in line for a mediocre nibble of over
cooked zombie sausage at double the price. Aaaahhh, what fun the
arts district has become with such wonderful new neighbors!

Tyler Wilson Sucks: No Respect For His Artist Neighbors

5/6/13 NEW BLOG
A question to Tyler Wilson & Joseph Pitruzzelli, owners of Wurstkuche...
What is attempting to ruin my life worth in compensation?

I was forced to think about this question today when I was asked by Tyler Wilson what I wanted as compensation to take my blogs sites down about what he and his cousin Joseph Pitruzzelli put me through as their artist neighbor after Wurstkuche invading the arts district.  Yes, that's right, Tyler Wilson actually called me.  He said he wanted to offer me an "opportunity" almost like we were old friends.  He never offered an apology for what he, his cousin, his restaurant Wurstkuche, and his corporation, Wilson, Pitruzzelli investments put me through as their neighbor, in fact, he tried to just belittle it as "the past" as if nothing had really happened, but now wanted to offer me an "opportunity" as he called it several times.  And what was that opportunity?  $10,000 to take all my blog sites down that have all the evidence of the law suits and the hell they put me through as their neighbor.  And he said that "only he and I cared about the blogs on the site".  Well, that may be true, but that doesn't seem to stop the traffic I get there on a daily basis.  Have you googled wurstkuche?  WurstkucheSucks.com usally comes up on the same page as well.  In fact, and I'm almost embarrassed to say, WurstkucheSucks.com now gets more hits daily then TheGoldnerGirls.com.  And the fact that I know the site is up with the truth is really enough for me.

Tyler, you and your cousin are republican sleaze balls that literally harassed and tortured me out of my studio over a two year period in the heart of the LA Arts District and then you tried to sue me for $100,000.00 to bury my personal blogs about you, and in doing so continued your blatant harassment for more then a year after I left the arts district.  Now you offer me this token of $10,000 and you think it will make everything you put me through okay?  Are you fucking kidding me?  After what you tried to do to me?  You offered absolutely no apologies and had no humility what so ever about what you have done to me, and in fact, made it very clear that the only reason you want the blogs down is for your own ego.  If you're now embarrassed, you should be!  But that's not enough and it's way too fucking late!  You still don't get it and you don't give a flying fuck what you and your hypocrite of a cousin, LARABA's president, have put me through or what you've actually cost me in time, productivity and money itself!  Seriously, go fuck yourselves.  10,000 wouldn't even cover the legal expenses I had to put out just to try and fight Wurstkuche's and Paul Solomon's continued illegal use of the artist loft that was next to me!  Nor does it consider anything you assholes put me through for two full years straight!

As far as I'm concerned, what you and your cousin did to me was purposeful, malicious and totally dishonest!  You tried to villainize me to take the focus off the point, your illegal use of that artist loft.  You've personally given me two legal declarations packed with your own blatant lies, Tyler.  I can see how that could embarrass your family, but that can also ruin someone's life you fucking asshole!  You and your cousin literally tried to ruin my life with false police reports, a bogus restraining order packed with blatant lies, a 100,000.00 law suit packed with lies that verge on being blatant fantastic fantasy's rather then anything in reality, and all of them thrown out of court as you pathetic yuppies continue to illegally use that AIR next Wurstkuche as a illegal commercial warehouse.  You disrupted my life from the first week you arrived and then pretended to somehow be the victim of your artist neighbor as you made 3 million your first year and squashed any productivity out of me and what was my creative live work space.  Or the 24 hour commercial nightmare you illegally used it as!  Now you just want to make any record of how you acted and what you did to me go away like it didn't really happen.  You do exactly what all sleazy republicans do in this country, but I didn't let you get away with it.  You tried to turn everything around on me with your blatant lies, but I stood my ground and the truth came out.  And that's exactly what both of you, Tyler Wilson and Joseph Pitruzzelli still want to hide.  The truth.  That's why you and Wurstkuche Suck!  Do you get it yet?  That is why this site will not fade away.

If you actually want to repent, Tyler, then you have to take full responsibility for what you did.  You actually have to show humility!  And neither of you, Tyler Wilson, Joseph Pitruzzelli will do that because neither of you have an ounce of integrity or humility between you.

Now back to the moot question at hand....  If I was even going to consider selling my two Wurstkuche blogs domains, I would stand by the per domain price you yourself set with your phony harassment law suit as a base minimum to start at.  But that alone would still not address the last two years you tortured me as your neighbor.  That is not something I should have had to pay for!  I would want my last two years of rent back and I would want all my legal expenses I was forced to put out back as well.  That's at least a starting point.  But as I said....  The question is moot because it will never happen.

-David G.

Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson Lose Their Frivolous Defamation Law Suit

I just got the actual court ruling in the mail and posted it as a PDF below.  The judge did get it exactly right.  She seemed to understood perfectly and even explained the situation I was put in and got it right on the button!  I'm actually amazed by the intuitiveness of this ruling.  And according to the judge, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson actually testified and she got them to confirmed in court the truths in my blogs between my well deserved castigations or opinions as the case may be.  She even got them to admit that they still don't have a proper permit to be using that legal Artist in Residence at 808 E. 3rd. St. as a fucking illegal 24 hour noisy commercial nightmare warehouse for Wurstkuche Restaurant!  SLEAZY SELF SERVING PATHETIC SCUM BAGS!  There are no more artist around them to complain anymore!  They are the Anti-Artists of the LA Arts District.

Anyway, they deservingly lost there harassment suit against me for calling them just that.  Here's the ruling for anyone that cares...

COURT RULING 10/15/2012


Tyler Wilson, you are a snotty, arrogant, pathetic, lying little bitch and your declaration of mendacity's, and this is the second one I have from you that was thrown out of court, only confirms to me your lack of any kind of integrity what so ever.  You're a lying scum bag Tyler Wilson that thinks you had the right to disrupt my life and every artist around you.  I watched you lie to the police right in front of my face!  You had no conscience about lying then, and your declaration shows me you have no conscience about lying today either, as long as it suits your goals.  How republican is that!

Tyler, FYI, you don't have to be gay to be a pansy ass little bitch like you.  You just have to be you, Tyler Wilson, the self centered inconsiderate pathetic scum bag that invaded the arts district and my life.  Not one time in either of your declarations do you mention any reason for me coming out to confront you or your staff.  It's as if I've just dropped out of the sky, and for no good reason, just to harass poor little you.  Your 24 hour noisy disruptive illegal use of the long time Artist in Residential loft on the other side of my wall has nothing to do with it, right?  I just have a vendetta against the poor little wiener boys.  You and your fucking hypocrite of a cousin are sleazy and pathetic!  A wonderful reflection of today's GOP.

Not once do you mention the fact that it's 3:00am, 4:00am, 5:00am in the morning with your illegal commercial use of a residential loft on a 24 hour basis right out side my window and on the other side of my plaster board wall!  That was my home you self important republican piece of shit!  That was my creative artist work space until you arrived you fucking arrogant douche bag!  And you two poor little wiener boys wanted to play the victim after the way you treated me?  Well I have about as much sympathy for you two self centered assholes, as you had for me, or Wurstkuche has had for any of the artist around them since they invaded the arts district.

And after over a year of trying to be reasonable with both of you, after over a year trying to make you and your self-righteous cousin understand how disruptive your illegal use of the AIR directly next to me was becoming, it was actually you Tyler, who was the first to really pushed my buttons with your total and blatant lack of any concern what so ever of how much you were disrupting me on a daily basis.  You are an asshole, Tyler.  A self centered asshole.  That loft it is a legal A.I.R., not a fucking commercial warehouse as you are still illegally using it, you sorrowful putrid asshole!  And it was an AIR long before you fucking self serving consciousless republican yuppies arrived in the LA Arts District!  But you still don't care to date!

It was your arrogance Tyler that first pissed me off enough to blog about this entire situation and file the law suit.  Your self centered snotty prima donna queen bitch attitude, Tyler.  Your lack of any concern what so ever, as if you personally had a right to to anything you fucking wanted even after the city cited you two assholes!  Well fuck both of you!

If  your family is so "Shamed, Mortified, and has Hurt Feelings", maybe they should be asking you and your cousin why you had "No Respect For Your Artist Neighbors" after arriving in the arts district.  Maybe the two of you should explain to your families, your kids, your wife, your mothers why you think you had a right to disrupt everyone around you with the illegal use of a legal artist in residence, as a noisy 24 hour commercial warehouse in the heart of the LA Arts District.  It was your self centered actions that are shameful!  It is your lies and lack of a conscience to tell the truth that should mortify them!  It is the reflection of your hypocrisy regarding your actual morality that should hurt their feelings, especially if they know that your illegal actions drove your artist neighbor out of the LA Arts District and your illegal activity still continue to this day!  That fact didn't escape the judge.  Does it escape your family, Tyler?  Because it still seems to escape you and Joseph.  How republican is that!

Wurstkuche restaurant sucks, Wilson, Pitruzzelli Investments LLC sucks, and so do you and your pathetic wiener of a cousin!  As far as I'm concerned, you are both pansy ass lying little yuppie bitches and you only care about yourselves.  This is your consciousless legacy and it's the truth and it's well deserved.  And all your frivolous law suit did was make my feelings about you two asshole public record!  Google it!



      *Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fucker or motherfucker. Not to be confused with douche.
      *Multiple people who commit consistent douchebaggery ...

Definition: wurstkuche

wurstkuche (worst’ kooch)

From the German; meaning an ordinary or plain "sausage kitchen".

American Slang: definition of wurstkuche; Adj.
1.) To be plain, bland, to be just mediocre, tasteless, dull, nothing special, inferior;
2.) To be very overrated, overblown, inflated in reputation, pompous, ostentatious, arrogant, snobby;

"What a wurstkuche restaurant that was."
"The reviews were all very wurstkuched."
"What a wurstkuche attitude they had!"

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Connections for Wurstkuche Owner Tyler Wilson are REPUBLICAN!
View the connections between Tyler Wilson and Joseph Pitruzzelli Managing Members at Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments LLC  Los Angeles, CA
Companies associated with Tyler Wilson: Owner of Wurstkuche Restaurant.

Records for Possible Political Campaign Contributions by Tyler Wilson are maintained by The Federal Election Commission (FEC). The results below are based on a name and ZIP code proximity match and are provided as a possible research tool only.  These campaign contributions may be related to Tyler Wilson.  (You think?)

Tyler Wilson's Contributions to Republicans: $1,000.00
Tyler Wilson's Contributions to Democrats: $0.00

Transaction                  Occupation                          Location              Committee Name                Amount

6/22/1999   -  Time Management Systems -  Santa Monica, CA  -  Bush for President Inc. -    $1,000.00


Vandalized by Tyler Wilson, owner of Wurstkuche Restaurant

Vandalism_Police_Report_Against Tyler_Wilson.pdf

In a world of whinny pansy ass lying little pathetic bitches, Tyler Wilson of Wurstkuche restaurant has to be the king of self centered assholes.  I hold in my hand a "Police Vandalism Report" against Tyler Wilson that was just taken by the LAPD.  That's because I caught the little pussy ass bitch ripping a posting down off my wall in front of my studio that was printed from an article on line regarding my law suit against him, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Wurstkuche restaurant.   Why were you ripping it down, Tyler?  Did it embarrass you asshole?  Good!  You should be embarrassed for what you've put me through these last 18 months!  This is a legal Artist in Residence building and you've illegally turned it into a fucking 24 hour warehouse with no consideration at all for the actual resident's who live here, you asshole!!  You have tortured me with sleep deprivation for 18 months now from your constant lack of consideration!  And that's why we are in court in just a few weeks!  Because you idiots disturb me every fucking night and you know it and don't care!  But it was not me that called the police today was it....

I confronted Tyler and literally smacked his hand away as he was ripping down my property.  A print out of the on line article about the law suit, posted on my wall in front of my studio.  It looked to me like he was going to cry for a minute...   But then he cleared his eyes and pulled out his cell phone with a better idea.  He called the police, claiming I just assaulted him by slapping his hand.  Pansy ass little bitch!  Funny that he didn't mention the fact that he was actually vandalizing my property when I did so!  Unfortunately for Tyler, I had a witness that confirmed what had actually happened when the police got here.  But the truth apparently doesn't mean a damn thing to Tyler Wilson, and he proceeded to literally make up a phony story and lie to the police that I had pulled a knife on one of his employees earlier!  Are you fucking kidding me???  You make up a malicious fucking story like that and lie straight to the police?  I think that is a crime in itself, isn't it?  It was a total fucking mendacity!  You're a pathetic lying sack of shit, Tyler Wilson and you know it!  You spew pure verbal vomit and your sausage isn't any better!  (Not that the police believed you!)  And if that had actually happened, you dripping asshole, wouldn't you have called the police at that time?  You're a sleazy mother fucking little liar!?  Like a child!  Or did your employee just shrug my alleged knife attack off?  And when did that happen again?  And what employee was that?  Was I demanding sausages at that knife point?  Maybe you can explain all this, you low life lying sleazy little son of a bitch!  If you weren't wasting so much of my time already,  I would consider a separate action against you for that false police report, you malingering scum bag, and I still may!

When the police told Tyler that I could and would have him arrested for the vandalism if he was going to try and have me arrested for my so called assault, Tyler realized he wasn't wearing clean underwear and didn't feel like going to jail today, so he quickly dropped the charges.  But his lie about me pulling a knife on one of his employees now remains as far as I'm concerned...

Tyler, you are a lying sleazy pathetic sack of pure self centered bull shit!  The truth doesn't work for you so you make up lies, right?  FUCK YOU, YOU PITEOUS TAWDRY LITTLE BITCH!  You show your snotty true colors all too often and now you've just confirmed what I have thought all along.  And if you think I am the only one in this AIR building that thinks this, think again.  You're a prissy little prima donna and anyone that does business with you can see it.  And you lie with such ease, it must be practiced.  You pulled that lie right out of your dripping wet quivering little ass and you know it you sleazy pathetic scum bag!  And that says a lot about your lack of integrity as any kind of business man as well.  You're just low quality sausage yourself as far as I'm concerned!  Crawling larva have more integrity then you could ever hope to have!

See you in court on the 23rd pathetic asshole!

--David G.

ps... Sorry for all the four letter words.  They just felt so right for this occasion......................

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